80's Hard Rock/Heavy Metal
 90's Hard Rock/Grunge

2 Supergroup Hard Rock Dream Teams in the ultimate Battle of the Bands

Lineup #4

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80's vs 90's Supergroup Battle of the Band Reality TV show for charity concept from Supergroup on Vimeo.

80's Hard Rock/Heavy Metal vs. 90's Hard Rock/Grunge
Eddie Van Halen on lead guitar/keys

The perennial #1 lead guitar vote getter in any guitar magazine for so many years, who had success with 2 bands (when you think about it).  Check out one of his charities.

Supergroup TV Pilot Concept: This time - 80's Hard Rock/Heavy Metal
 90's Hard Rock/GrungeThis is a Reality based TV show featuring famous talented musicians forming a fantasy rock dream team in a music studio for a week or more to see what kind of album they can produce.
 John Frusciante on guitar

Guitarist for The Red Hot Chili Peppers.   Check out one of his charities.

Steven Tyler on vocals/piano

Songwriter and singer for Aerosmith.  Check out one of his charities.

Obviously, to get these stars would require money, but here’s the deal.  Both Supergroups make and release albums and they share in the profits of their albums.  Whichever group sells the most albums in a certain amount of time wins.  The winning supergroup will get a million dollars each to donate to their favorite charity, plus a % of the album sales can go to charity as well.  Also, the stars would receive an appearance payment commensurate with the profitability of the show. Dave Grohl on drums

He can sing, write and play guitar as well as drums (as he did in Nirvana).  Check out one of his charities.

Ozzy Osbourne on vocals

A Supergroup member has reached success with bands (Black Sabbath) or solo, which of course Ozzy has done. One of his charities is Children in Need.

Why this would work:  Personally I haven’t watched any reality shows so far because I don’t care to see non-famous people eat worms (Fear Factor, Survivor) or date other desperate for fame people (dating shows, Bachelor).  But shows like “Behind the Scenes” on VH1 intrigue people and there’s no doubt that you put this many talented people with strong personalities in a studio together that there’s going to be interesting conversation and conflicts.  Plus we get to hear virtuoso musicians and genius songwriters craft their work and create songs that may be instant classics. Chris Cornell on vocals/rhythm guitar

Chris Cornell has had success with Soundgarden, Audioslave and solo.  Check out some of his charities.

Angus Young on guitar

AC/DC's great guitarist.  Check out his charity.

Will we be able to get everyone?  No, but this concept will work with younger musicians also.   Remember – the winner is decided by how many albums are bought – not by inaccurate voting on the Internet – or by judges with questionable opinions (American Idol).  To host this show, I would like Heather Locklear and Liv Tyler. Billy Corgan on guitar/vocals

Guitarist/vocalist with Smashing Pumpkins. Check out one of his charities.

Geddy Lee on bass

Bassist, singer and songwriter for Rush. Check out one of his charities.

  It definitely has to be that Supergroup concept where you take musicians that have made it on their own – but when join together into a Supergroup – magic can happen – or disaster – either way we’re there to catch it on film. The final show could be a live concert where the band that sold the fewer amount of CD's has to open for the band that sold the most.  The winning band could be designated the "6 Million Dollar Band" Eddie Vedder on vocals/rhythm guitar

He sings, writes, and plays both with his band Pearl Jam or solo - a must for the USA Supergroup.   Help him support The Teenage Cancer Trust.

Lars Ulrich on drums

The ultimate metal drummer from the ultimate metal band.  Check out some of his charities.

The best thing about this TV show is that after you watch – you won’t feel like you wasted your time.  I can’t tell you how many people have said they watched a reality show and afterwards felt like it was the biggest waste of time.  With this show, if the musicians are in the same studio for 2 weeks and cameras roll continuously, I estimate that each day could be edited into one weekly episode.  I think an hour show – the first half hour for the 80's metal studio footage and the second half hour for the 90's grunge studio footage. Fans will like the music, the personalities, the conflicts, the competition and the fact that it’s benefiting charities. Robert DeLeo on bass guitar

Not only the bass player but also a songwriter for Stone Temple Pilots. Check out one of his charities.


This TV show is an idea of mine, Garrett Jennings, that I've registered with The Writers Guild of America.  At this point, I'm just interested in the charity aspect of this and this website is not-for-profit.  I wanted to introduce you to the great charities that all these artists support.  Now, if there's anyone out there that would like to produce a show like this or has any contact with any of these artists, please contact me at garrettjennings55@yahoo.com or you contact me through MySpace at www.myspace.com/garjen to discuss producing this TV show.  I'd like to talk to anyone interested in buying this idea from me or co-producing this idea with me.

© Copyright 2004 Garrett Jennings 

Vote for who you think would make the better Supergroup album and leave a comment if you would like to suggest other musicians:

80's Metal/Hard Rock vs 90's Grunge/Hard Rock
Which Supergroup would make a better album - 80's (Van Halen, Tyler, Ozzy, Angus, Lee, Ulrich) vs 90's (Frusciante, Grohl, Cornell, Corgan, Vedder, DeLeo)?

80's Metal/Hard Rock Supergroup
90's Grunge/Hard Rock Supergroup

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Supergroup Battle of the Bands
Supergroup Battle of the Bands
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Who would be in your ultimate music supergroup, your all-star Olympic team of rock? Vote below by clicking on a name.
90's Grunge/Hard Rock Supergroup
1. Adam Jones (guitar for Tool)
2. Anthony Keidis (vocals for Red Hot Chili Peppers)
3. Ben Shepherd (bass for Soundgarden)
4. Billie Joe Armstrong (guitar/vocal for Green Day)
5. Billy Corgan (guitar/vocals for Smashing Pumpkins)
6. Brad Wilk (drums for Rage Against The Machine)
7. Brandon Boyd (vocals for Incubus)
8. Chad Kroeger (vocals from Nickelback)
9. Chad Smith (drums for RHCP)
10. Chris Cornell (vocals for Soundgarden, Audioslave)
11. Chris Novoselic (bass for Nirvana)
12. Corey Glover (vocals for Living Color)
13. Corey Taylor (vocals for Slipknot)
14. Courtney Love (vocals/guitar for Hole)
15. Dani Filth (vocals for Cradle of Filth)
16. Danny Carey (drums for Tool)
17. Dave Grohl (drums for Nirvana, guitar)
18. Dave Navarro (guitar for Jane's Addiction)
19. Dean DeLeo (guitar for Stone Temple Pilots)
20. Dexter Holland (vocals for the Offspring)
21. Eddie Vedder (vocals/guitar for Pearl Jam)
22. Eric Avery (bass for Jane's Addiction)
23. Flea (bass for Red Hot Chili Peppers)
24. Fletcher Dragge (guitar for Pennywise)
25. Gavin Rossdale (guitar/vocals for Bush)
26. Greg Kriesel (bass for The Offspring)
27. Jack White (vocals/guitar for White Stripes)
28. James Labrie (vocals for Dream Theater)
29. Jeff Ament (bass for Pearl Jam)
30. Jeordie White (bass for A Perfect Circle)
31. Jerry Cantrell (guitar for Alice in Chains)
32. Jimmy Chamberlin (drums for Smashing Pumpkins)
33. Joey Jordinson (drums for Slipknot)
34. John Dolmayan (drums for System of a Down)
35. John Frusciante (guitar for Red Hot Chili Peppers)
36. John Myung (bass for Dream Theater)
37. John Petrucci (guitar for Dream Theater)
38. Jonathan Davis (vocals for Korn)
39. Jonny Greenwood (guitar for Radiohead)
40. Jordan Rudess (keys for Dream Theater)
41. Jose Pasillas (drums for Incubus)
42. Josh Freese (drums for A Perfect Circle)
43. Justin Chancellor (bass for Tool)
44. Kim Thayil (guitar for Soundgarden)
45. Lajon Witherspoon (vocals for Sevendust)
46. Larry "Ler" Lalonde (guitar for Primus)
47. Les Claypool (bass for Primus)
48. Mark Arm (vocals for Mudhoney, Green River)
49. Martin Sexton (guitar for Radiohead)
50. Matt Cameron (drums for Pearl Jam, Soundgarden)
51. Maynard James Keenan (vocals for Tool, A Perfect Circle)
52. Mike Dirnt (bass for Green Day)
53. Mike Einziger (guitar for Incubus)
54. Mike Inez (bass for Alice In Chains)
55. Mike McCready (guitar for Pearl Jam)
56. Mike Portnoy (drums for Dream Theater)
57. Neil Young (vocals/guitar)
58. Noodles (guitar for the Offspring)
59. Perry Ferrell (vocals for Janes Addiction)
60. Phil Selway (drums for Radiohead)
61. Robert DeLeo (bass for Stone Temple Pilots)
62. Scott Weiland (vocals for STP, Velvet Revolver)
63. Sean Kinney (drums for Alice in Chains)
64. Stone Gossard (guitar for Pearl Jam, Temple of the Dog, Green River, Mother Love Bone, Brad)
65. Taylor Hawkins (drums for Foo Fighters)
66. Thom Yorke (vocals/keys for Radiohead)
67. Tim Commerford (bass for Rage Against the Machine)
68. Tom Morello (guitar for Rage Against The Machine, Audioslave)
69. Tre Cool (drums for Green Day)
70. Trent Reznor (vocals for Nine Inch Nails)
71. Vernon Reid (guitar for Living Colour)
72. Zack De La Rocha (vocals for Rage Against The Machine)


If you'd like to add an artist to this list, email me at garrettjennings55@yahoo.com


80's Heavy Metal/Hard Rock Supergroup
1. Ace Frehley (guitar for Kiss)
2. Adrian Smith (guitar for Iron Maiden)
3. Akira Takasaki (guitar for Loudness)
4. Alex Lifeson (guitar for Rush)
5. Alex Skolnick (guitar for Testament, Savatage)
6. Alex Van Halen (drums for Van Halen)
7. Andre Olbrich (guitar for Blind Guardian)
8. Andy LaRocque (guitar for King Diamond)
9. Angus Young (guitar for AC/DC)
10. Axl Rose (vocals for Guns 'n Roses)
11. Aynsley Dunbar (drums for John Mayall's Bluesbreakers/Bowie/Journey/Whitesnake)
12. Bill Ward (drums for Black Sabbath)
13. Billy Sheehan (bass for David Lee Roth band,Mr. Big)
14. Blackie Lawless (vocals for W.A.S.P.)
15. Bret Michaels (vocals for Poison)
16. Brian Johnson (vocals for AC/DC)
17. Bruce Dickinson (vocals for Iron Maiden)
18. Chris DeGarmo (guitar for Queensryche)
19. Chris Holmes (guitar for W.A.S.P.)
20. Dave Lombardo (drums for Slayer)
21. Dave Murray (guitar for Iron Maiden)
22. Dave Mustaine (vocals/guitar for Megadeth)
23. David Chastain (guitar for Chastain)
24. David Coverdale (vocals for Whitesnake, Deep Purple, Coverdale/Page)
25. David Ellefson (bass for Megadeth)
26. David Lee Roth (vocals for Van Halen)
27. Duff McKagen (bass for Guns 'N Roses)
28. Eddie Van Halen (guitar)
29. Eric Adams (vocals for Manowar)
30. Eric Peterson (guitar for Testament)
31. Gary Holt (guitar for Exodus)
32. Gary Moore (guitar/vocals for Thin Lizzy, solo)
33. Geddy Lee (bass for Rush)
34. Geezer Butler (bass for Black Sabbath)
35. Gene Hoglan (vocals for Death/Dark Angel,SYL)
36. Gene Simmons (bass for Kiss)
37. Geoff Tate (vocals for Queensryche)
38. George Lynch (guitar for Dokken)
39. Glenn Tipton (guitar for Judas Priest)
40. Greg d'Angelo (drums with Anthrax/White Lion)
41. Hank Shermann (guitar for Mercyful Fate)
42. Hansi Kürsch (vocals/bass for Blind Guardian, Demons & Wizards)
43. Ian Gillan (vocals for Deep Purple)
44. Ian Hill (bass for Judas Priest)
45. James Hetfield (guitar/vocals for Metallica)
46. Jimmy Page (guitar for Led Zeppelin)
47. Joe Elliott (vocals for Def Leppard)
48. Joe Perry (guitar for Aerosmith)
49. Joey DeMaio (bass for Manowar)
50. John Paul Jones (bass for Led Zeppelin)
51. John Sykes (guitar for Tygers of Pan Tang, Whitesnake, Blue Murder)
52. Jon Lord (keys for Deep Purple)
53. Jon Oliva (keys/vocals for Savatage)
54. Kai Hansen (guitar/vocals for Helloween, Gamma Ray, Iron Savior)
55. Kerry King (guitar for Slayer)
56. King Diamond (vocals for Mercyful Fate, King Diamond)
57. Kirk Hammet (guitar for Metallica)
58. Lars Ulrich (drums for Metallica)
59. Malcolm Young (guitar for AC/DC)
60. Marcus Siepen (guitar for Blind Guardian
61. Markus Grosskopf (bass for Helloween, Avantasia)
62. Marty Friedman (guitar for Cacophony, Megadeth)
63. Michael Angelo Batio (guitar for Nitro, solo)
64. Michael Anthony (bass for Van Halen)
65. Michael Denner (guitar for Mercyful Fate, King Diamond)
66. Michael Kiske (vocals for Helloween)
67. Michael Schenker (guitar for Scorpions, UFO, MSG)
68. Michael Sweet (vocals/guitar for Stryper)
69. Michael Weikath (guitar for Helloween)
70. Michael Wilton (guitar for Queensryche)
71. Mick Mars (guitar for Motley Crue)
72. Mike Patton (vocals for Faith No More)
73. Neil Peart (drums for Rush)
74. Nicko McBrain (drums for Iron Maiden)
75. Nikki Sixx (bass for Motley Crue)
76. Nuno Bettencourt (guitar for Extreme, Mourning Widows, solo)
77. Oz Fox (guitar for Stryper)
78. Ozzy Osbourne (vocals for Black Sabbath/solo)
79. Paul Gilbert (guitar for Mr. Big/solo)
80. Paul Stanley (guitar/vocals for Kiss)
81. Phil Collen (guitar for Def Leppard)
82. Philip Anselmo (vocals for Pantera, Down, Superjoint Ritual)
83. Randy Piper (bass for W.A.S.P.)
84. Reb Beach (guitar for Winger, Dokken)
85. Rick Allen (drums for Def Leppard)
86. Rick Hunolt (guitar for Exodus)
87. Rick Savage (bass for Def Leppard)
88. Ritchie Blackmore (guitar for Deep Purple, Rainbow)
89. Ritchie Kotzen (guitar for Poison, Mr Big)
90. Rob Affuso (drums for Skid Row)
91. Rob Halford (vocals for Judas Priest)
92. Robert Plant (vocals for Led Zeppelin)
93. Robert Sweet (drums for Stryper)
94. Ronnie James Dio (vocals for Black Sabbath, Rainbow, Dio)
95. Rudy Sarzo (bass for Ozzy Osbourne, Quiet Riot, Whitesnake)
96. Sammy Hagar (vocals/guitar for Van Halen/solo)
97. Scott Travis (drums with Judas Priest)
98. Sebastian Bach (vocals for Skid Row)
99. Slash (guitar for Guns 'n Roses, Velvet Revolver)
100. Steve DiGiorgio (bass for Death, Iced Earth)
101. Steve Harris (bass for Iron Maiden)
102. Steve Morse (guitar for Deep Purple, Dixie Dregs)
103. Steve Vai (guitar for Zappa/David Lee Roth)
104. Steven Tyler (vocals for Aerosmith)
105. Thomas "Thomen" Stauch (drums for Blind Guardian)
106. Tim Gaines (bass for Stryper)
107. Tommy Lee (drums for Motley Crue)
108. Tony Iommi (guitar for Black Sabbath)
109. Uli Jon Roth (guitar for Scorpions)
110. Vinnie Paul (drums for Pantera)
111. Vito Bratta (guitar with White Lion)
112. Vivian Campbell (guitar for Dio, Def Leppard)
113. Warren DeMartini (guitar for Ratt)
114. Yngwie Malmsteen (guitar)
115. Zakk Wylde (guitar for Ozzy)