Girls against the Boys

2 Supergroup Rock Dream Teams in the ultimate Battle of the Bands

Lineup #3 - Women vs Men

Women vs Men Supergroup Battle of the Bands Reality TV show for charity concept from Supergroup on Vimeo.

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Sheryl Crow on bass guitar

A triple threat: she can sing, write and play the bass. Help her support the Vietnam Veterans of America

Supergroup TV Pilot Concept: This time - it's boys against the girls.  This is a Reality based TV show featuring famous talented musicians forming a fantasy rock dream team in a music studio for a week or more to see what kind of album they can produce. John Rzeznik on rhythm guitar

A great songwriter, singer and guitar player both solo and with the Goo Goo Dolls.  Check out one of his charities.

Bonnie Raitt on lead guitar

Once again, an obvious choice for the USA women Supergroup lead guitar who can sing, write and play.  Check out one of her charities.

Obviously, to get these stars would require money, but here’s the deal.  Both Supergroups make and release albums and they share in the profits of their albums.  Whichever group sells the most albums in a certain amount of time wins.  The winning supergroup will get a million dollars each to donate to their favorite charity, plus a % of the album sales can go to charity as well.  Also, the stars would receive an appearance payment commensurate with the profitability of the show. Joe Walsh on lead guitar

He can sing, write and play both solo or with The Eagles.  Check out one of his many charities.


Melissa Etheridge on rhythm guitar

A Supergroup member should be able to play their instrument with distinction, sing and write songs.  Melissa does all these.  One of her charities is

Why this would work:  Personally I haven’t watched any reality shows so far because I don’t care to see non-famous people eat worms (Fear Factor, Survivor) or date other desperate for fame people (dating shows, Bachelor).  But shows like “Behind the Scenes” on VH1 intrigue people and there’s no doubt that you put this many talented people with strong personalities in a studio together that there’s going to be interesting conversation and conflicts.  Plus we get to hear virtuoso musicians and genius songwriters craft their work and create songs that may be instant classics. Lenny Kravitz on rhythm guitar

He sings, writes, and plays - a must for the men Supergroup.   Help him support his Kidz2000 charity.

Caroline Corr on drums

She's the drummer for the Irish group The Corr's - she can sing and play other instruments as well.  Check out her charity.


Will we be able to get everyone?  No, but this concept will work with younger musicians also.   I would love to see the women outsell the men. Remember – the winner is decided by how many albums are bought – not by inaccurate voting on the Internet – or by judges with questionable opinions (American Idol).  To host this show, I would like to get someone like Bono. Neil Peart on drums

Anyone in the rock group Rush could be in a Supergroup.  Neil Peart is the perennial winner in any drummer magazine's poll for best drummer.  Plus, he's the primary lyricist on most of songs by Rush.  Check out some of his charities.

Chrissie Hynde on guitar

She's a fantastic guitar player, writer and singer.  One of her charities is

  It definitely has to be that Supergroup concept where you take musicians that have made it on their own – but when join together into a Supergroup – magic can happen – or disaster – either way we’re there to catch it on film. The final show could be a live concert where the band that sold the fewer amount of CD's has to open for the band that sold the most.  The winning band could be designated the "6 Million Dollar Band" Gregg Allman on piano

Once again, a Supergroup player needs to be able to sing, write and play and of course Gregg does it all.  Help him support the XMAS JAM.

Sarah McLachlan on piano

Singer, songwriter and musician.  One of her charities is

The best thing about this TV show is that after you watch – you won’t feel like you wasted your time.  I can’t tell you how many people have said they watched a reality show and afterwards felt like it was the biggest waste of time.  With this show, if the musicians are in the same studio for 2 weeks and cameras roll continuously, I estimate that each day could be edited into one weekly episode.  I think an hour show – the first half hour for the women studio footage and the second half hour for the men studio footage. Fans will like the music, the personalities, the conflicts, the competition and the fact that it’s benefiting charities. Mike Mills on bass guitar

With R.E.M., he has had a long career of hits, plus he can sing.  Check out one of his charities.


This TV show is an idea of mine, Garrett Jennings, that I've registered with The Writers Guild of America.  At this point, I'm just interested in the charity aspect of this and this website is not-for-profit.  I wanted to introduce you to the great charities that all these artists support.  Now, if there's anyone out there that would like to produce a show like this or has any contact with any of these artists, please contact me at or you contact me through MySpace at to discuss producing this TV show.  I'd like to talk to anyone interested in buying this idea from me or co-producing this idea with me.

© Copyright 2004 Garrett Jennings 

Vote for who you think would make the better Supergroup album and leave a comment if you would like to suggest other musicians:


Supergroup - Men vs. Women
Which of the 2 bands above would make a better Supergroup album - The Women (Crow, Raitt, Etheridge, Hynde, Corr, McLachlan) or The Men (Rzeznik, Walsh, Kravitz, Peart, Mills, Allman)

The Women
The Men

Current Results

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Who would be in your ultimate music supergroup, your all-star Olympic team of rock? Vote below by clicking on a name.

UK (British Isles) Supergroup
1. Adam Clayton (bass for U2)
2. Andy Partridge (guitar/vocals for XTC)
3. Andy Summers (guitar for The Police)
4. Aynsley Dunbar (drums for John Mayall's Bluesbreakers/Bowie/Journey/Whitesnake)
5. Bill Bruford (drums for Yes)
6. Bill Wyman (bass for The Rolling Stones)
7. Bob Geldof (vocals with The Boomtown Rats)
8. Bono (vocals for U2)
9. Brian Eno (keys for Roxy Music)
10. Brian May (guitar for Queen)
11. Bryan Ferry (vocals for Roxy Music)
12. Carl Barat (guitar for The Libertines)
13. Carl Palmer (drums for ELP)
14. Caroline Corr (drums for The Corrs)
15. Charlie Watts (drums for The Rolling Stones)
16. Chris Difford (guitar/vocals for Squeeze)
17. Chris Martin (from Coldplay)
18. Chris Squire (bass for Yes)
19. Dave Edmunds (guitar/vocals)
20. David Bowie (guitar/vocals)
21. David Byrne (guitar/vocals for Talking Heads)
22. David Gilmour (guitar/vocals for Pink Floyd)
23. Dolores O'Riordan (from Cranberries)
24. Dominic Howard (drummer of Muse)
25. Elton John (piano)
26. Elvis Costello (guitar/vocals)
27. Eric Burdon (vocals for The Animals)
28. Eric Clapton (guitar)
29. Gary Moore (guitar/vocals for Thin Lizzy, solo)
30. Gavin Rossdale (guitar/vocals for Bush)
31. Ginger Baker (drums for Cream)
32. Glenn Tilbrook (guitar/vocals of Squeeze)
33. Graham Nash (vocals for Hollies, CSN)
34. Greg Lake (bass/guitar for ELP)
35. Guy Berryman (bass for Coldplay)
36. Ian Anderson (vocals/guitar/flute for Jethro Tull)
37. Ian Gillan (vocals for Deep Purple)
38. Ian McLagan (keys for The Faces)
39. Jack Bruce (bass for Cream)
40. James Dean Bradfield (guitarist for Manic Street Preachers)
41. Jeff Beck (guitar)
42. Jeff Lynne (guitar/vocals for ELO)
43. Jimmy Page (guitar for Led Zeppelin)
44. Joan Armatrading (vocals/guitar/keys)
45. Joe Cocker (vocals)
46. Joe Jackson (piano)
47. John Deacon (bass for Queen)
48. John Hassall (bass for The Libertines)
49. John McVie (bass for Fleetwood Mac)
50. John Paul Jones (bass for Led Zeppelin)
51. John Taylor (bass for Duran Duran)
52. Johnny Marr (guitar/vocals for The Smiths)
53. Jon Anderson (vocals for Yes)
54. Jon Lord (keys for Deep Purple)
55. Jonny Buckland (guitar for Coldplay)
56. Jonny Greenwood (guitar for Radiohead)
57. Jools Holland (keys for Squeeze)
58. Justin Hawkins (vocals/guitar/keys for The Darkness)
59. Justin Hayward (guitar/vocals for Moody Blues)
60. Justin Schlosberg (vocals for Hell Is For Heroes)
61. Karl Wallinger (vocals/guitar with World Party)
62. Keith Emerson (keys for ELP)
63. Keith Richards (guitar for The Rolling Stones)
64. Kevin Shields (vocals/guitar for My Bloody Valentine)
65. Larry Mullen Jr. (drums for U2)
66. Liam Gallagher (vocals for Oasis)
67. Luka Bloom (guitar)
68. Mark King (bass for Level 42)
69. Mark Knopfler (guitar/vocals of Dire Straits)
70. Martin Sexton (guitar for Radiohead)
71. Matthew Bellamy (vocals/guitar/keys for Muse)
72. Mel Gaynor (drums for Simple Minds)
73. Mick Fleetwood (drums for Fleetwood Mac)
74. Mick Jagger (vocals for The Rolling Stones)
75. Mick Jones (guitar/vocals for The Clash, Big Audio Dynamite)
76. Mike Rutherford (bass for Genesis)
77. Mitch Mitchell (drums for Jimi Hendrix)
78. Morissey (vocals for The Smiths)
79. Nick Mason (drums for Pink Floyd)
80. Noel Gallagher (guitar/vocals for Oasis)
81. Oscar Harrison (drums for Ocean Colour Scene)
82. Ozzy Osbourne (vocals for Black Sabbath/solo)
83. Paul McCartney (bass for The Beatles)
84. Paul Rodgers (singer for Bad Company, Free)
85. Paul Weller (of The Jam and Style Council)
86. Pete Townshend (guitar/vocals for The Who)
87. Peter Frampton (guitar/vocals)
88. Peter Gabriel (keyboards)
89. Phil Collins (drums for Genesis)
90. Phil Selway (drums for Radiohead)
91. Ray Davies (guitar/vocals for The Kinks)
92. Richard Thompson (guitar/vocals)
93. Richard Wright (keys/vocals for Pink Floyd)
94. Rick Wakeman (keys for Yes)
95. Ringo Starr (drums for The Beatles)
96. Ritchie Blackmore (guitar for Deep Purple, Rainbow)
97. Robert Plant (vocals for Led Zeppelin)
98. Robert Smith (guitar/vocals for The Cure)
99. Rod Stewart (vocals)
100. Roger Daltrey (vocals for The Who)
101. Roger Hodgson (vocals/keys for Supertramp)
102. Roger Taylor (drums for Queen)
103. Roger Waters (bass for Pink Floyd)
104. Ron Wood (guitar for Stones, Small Faces)
105. Sinead O'Connor (vocals/guitar)
106. Steve Howe (guitar for Yes)
107. Steve Winwood (keyboards)
108. Sting (bass for The Police)
109. The Edge (guitar for U2)
110. Thom Yorke (vocals/keys for Radiohead)
111. Tim Rice-Oxley (piano for Keane)
112. Tony Banks (keys for Genesis)
113. Van Morrison (guitar/vocals)
114. Zak Starkey (drums for The Who)


Also, votes for any women (whether they are from USA or UK) will count towards them getting added to the Women Supergroup as they take on a Men Supergroup.

If you would like to vote for metal/hard rock artists go to  80's Metal/Hard Rock vs 90's Grunge/Hard Rock

If you'd like to add an artist to this list, email me at


USA (North American) Supergroup
1. Adam Duritz (vocals for Counting Crows)
2. Al Green (vocals)
3. Alex Lifeson (guitar for Rush)
4. Alex Van Halen (drums for Van Halen)
5. Alice Cooper (guitar/vocals)
6. Alicia Keys (piano/vocals)
7. Ann Wilson (vocals for Heart)
8. Anthony Keidis (vocals for Red Hot Chili Peppers)
9. Aretha Franklin (keys/vocals)
10. BB King (guitar/vocals)
11. Beck (vocals/guitar)
12. Ben Folds (piano for Ben Folds 5)
13. Billie Joe Armstrong (guitar/vocal for Green Day)
14. Billy Corgan (guitar/vocals for Smashing Pumpkins)
15. Billy Gibbons (guitar/vocals for ZZ Top)
16. Billy Joel (piano)
17. Billy Sheehan (bass for David Lee Roth band,Mr. Big)
18. Bob Dylan (guitar/vocals)
19. Bob Mould (vocals/guitar for Husker Du/Sugar)
20. Bob Seger (guitar/vocals)
21. Bonnie Raitt (guitar/vocals)
22. Brian Setzer (guitar/vocals)
23. Brian Wilson (vocals/keys for The Beach Boys)
24. Bruce Hornsby (keys/vocals)
25. Bruce Springsteen (guitar/vocals)
26. Carlos Santana (guitar)
27. Chad Kroeger (vocals from Nickelback)
28. Chris Cornell (vocals for Soundgarden, Audioslave)
29. Chrissie Hynde (guitar/vocals from The Pretenders)
30. Chuck Berry (guitar/vocals)
31. Clement Burke (drums for Blondie)
32. Danny Carey (drums for Tool)
33. Darius Rucker (vocals/guitar for Hootie and the Blowfish)
34. Dave Grohl (drums for Nirvana, guitar)
35. Dave Matthews (guitar/vocals)
36. Dave Navarro (guitar for Jane's Addiction)
37. David Lee Roth (vocals for Van Halen)
38. Dean DeLeo (guitar for Stone Temple Pilots)
39. Debbie Harry (vocals for Blondie)
40. Dennis DeYoung (keys/vocals for Styx)
41. Dicky Betts (guitar for Allman Brothers)
42. Don Henley (drums/vocals for The Eagles)
43. Donald Fagan (keys for Steely Dan)
44. Donald Roeser (guitar for Blue Oyster Cult )
45. Donna Summer (vocals)
46. Dr. John (keys/vocals)
47. Duff McKagen (bass for Guns 'N Roses)
48. Eddie Van Halen (guitar)
49. Eddie Vedder (vocals/guitar for Pearl Jam)
50. Eric Avery (bass for Jane's Addiction)
51. Eric Bloom (guitar/vocals of Blue Oyster Cult)
52. Eric Johnson (guitar)
53. Erik (keys from Horse The Band)
54. Flea (bass for Red Hot Chili Peppers)
55. Freedy Johnston (vocals/guitar)
56. Geddy Lee (bass for Rush)
57. George Thorogood (vocals/guitar)
58. Glen Frey (guitar/vocals for The Eagles)
59. Grace Slick (vocals for Jefferson Airplane)
60. Greg Kriesel (bass for The Offspring)
61. Gregg Allman (keys for The Allman Brothers)
62. Gwen Stefani (vocals for No Doubt)
63. Jack White (vocals/guitar for White Stripes)
64. Jackson Browne (guitar/vocals)
65. Jacob Dylan (vocals/guitar for The Wallflowers)
66. James Brown (vocals)
67. James Hetfield (guitar/vocals for Metallica)
68. James Taylor (vocals/guitar)
69. Jason Wade (vocals/guitars from Lifehouse)
70. Jeff Ament (bass for Pearl Jam)
71. Jeff Tweedy (vocals/guitar for Wilco)
72. Jeremy Marshall (bass for Cold)
73. Jerry Cantrell (guitar for Alice in Chains)
74. Jerry Lee Lewis (piano/vocals)
75. Jewel (guitar/vocals)
76. Jim Clench (bass for April Wine)
77. Jimmy Buffett (vocals/guitar)
78. Jimmy Chamberlin (drums for Smashing Pumpkins)
79. Jimmy Destri (keys for Blondie)
80. Joan Jett (vocals/guitar)
81. Joe Perry (guitar for Aerosmith)
82. Joe Satriani (guitar)
83. Joe Walsh (guitar for The Eagles)
84. John Fogerty (guitar/vocals)
85. John Frusciante (guitar for Red Hot Chili Peppers)
86. John Hiatt (guitar/vocals)
87. John Mayer (vocals/guitar)
88. John Mellencamp (guitar/vocals)
89. John Myung (bass for Dream Theater)
90. John Petrucci (guitar for Dream Theater)
91. John Rzeznik (vocals/guitar for The Goo Goo Dolls)
92. Jon Bon Jovi (vocals for Bon Jovi)
93. Joni Mitchell (vocals/guitar)
94. Jordan Rudess (keys for Dream Theater)
95. Kim Thayil (guitar for Soundgarden)
96. Kirk Hammet (guitar for Metallica)
97. Lars Ulrich (drums for Metallica)
98. Lenny Kravitz (vocals/guitar)
99. Les Claypool (bass for Primus)
100. Lindsey Buckingham (guitar for Fleetwood Mac)
101. Little Richard (keys/vocals)
102. Liz Phair (guitar/vocals)
103. Lou Gramm (vocals for Foreigner)
104. Lou Reed (guitar/vocals)
105. Madonna (vocals)
106. Matt Cameron (drums for Pearl Jam, Soundgarden)
107. Maynard James Keenan (vocals for Tool, A Perfect Circle)
108. Melissa Etheridge (guitar/vocals)
109. Michael Anthony (bass for Van Halen)
110. Michael Stipe (vocals for REM)
111. Mike McCready (guitar for Pearl Jam)
112. Mike Mills (bass for REM)
113. Mike Portnoy (drums for Dream Theater)
114. Nancy Wison (guitar for Heart)
115. Natalie Merchant (vocals)
116. Neal Schon (guitar for Journey)
117. Neil Peart (drums for Rush)
118. Neil Young (vocals/guitar)
119. Nils Lofgren (guitar for Neil Young/Springsteen)
120. Norah Jones (piano/vocals)
121. Pat Benatar (vocals)
122. Paul Simon (guitar/vocals)
123. Paul Westerberg (guitar/vocals for The Replacements)
124. Peter Buck (guitar for REM)
125. Phil Lesh (bass for Grateful Dead)
126. Prince (guitar/vocals)
127. Randy Bachman (guitar/vocals for The Guess Who)
128. Randy Newman (keys/vocals)
129. Ray Manzarek (keys for The Doors)
130. Ric Ocasek (vocals/guitar for The Cars)
131. Rick Nielsen (guitar for Cheap Trick)
132. Rick Springfield (vocals/guitar)
133. Rick Woolstenhulme (drums from Lifehouse)
134. Rob Thomas (vocals for Matchbox 20)
135. Robbie Robertson (guitar for The Band)
136. Robert DeLeo (bass for Stone Temple Pilots)
137. Robin Zander (vocals from Cheap Trick)
138. Ry Cooder (guitar)
139. Sammy Hagar (vocals/guitar for Van Halen/solo)
140. Sarah McLachlan (piano/vocals)
141. Scott Weiland (vocals for STP, Velvet Revolver)
142. Shawn Colvin (guitar/vocals)
143. Sheryl Crow (bass/vocals/guitar)
144. Slash (guitar for Guns 'n Roses, Velvet Revolver)
145. Smokey Robinson (vocals)
146. Steve Miller (guitar/vocals)
147. Steve Perry (vocals for Journey)
148. Steve Vai (guitar for Zappa/David Lee Roth)
149. Steven Stills (guitar/vocals for CSN)
150. Steven Tyler (vocals for Aerosmith)
151. Stevie Nicks (vocals for Fleetwood Mac)
152. Stevie Wonder (keys)
153. Stewart Copeland (drums for The Police)
154. Stone Gossard (guitar for Pearl Jam, Temple of the Dog)
155. Stuart Hamm (bass for Joe Satriani)
156. Ted Nugent (guitar for Damn Yankees/solo)
157. Terry Bozzio (drums for Zappa, Jeff Beck)
158. Tim Commerford (bass for Rage Against the Machine)
159. Timothy B Schmit (bass for The Eagles)
160. Tina Turner (vocals)
161. Tom Morello (guitar for Rage Against The Machine, Audioslave)
162. Tom Petty (guitar/vocals)
163. Tom Scholz (guitar for Boston)
164. Tony Levin (bass for King Crimson)
165. Tracy Chapman (vocals/guitar)
166. Trey Anastasio (guitar/vocals for Phish)
167. Victor Wooten (bass for The Flecktones)
168. Walter Becker (guitar for Steely Dan)