2 Supergroup Rock Dream Teams in the ultimate Battle of the Bands

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Supergroup - UK vs USA

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Paul McCartney on bass guitar

The obvious choice for the UK Supergroup bass player - of course, anyone in The Beatles could have been in a Supergroup.  One of his many charities is http://www.landmines.org  to eliminate landminds.

Supergroup TV Pilot Concept: It’s America vs. England – the two countries that have contributed the most to Rock/Pop music.  This is a Reality based TV show featuring famous talented musicians forming a fantasy rock dream team in a music studio for a week or more to see what kind of album they can produce. Bruce Springsteen on rhythm guitar

Sing, write, play both with his band or solo - a must for the USA Supergroup.   Check out one of his many charities.

Eric Clapton on lead guitar

Once again, the obvious choice for the UK Supergroup lead guitar.  Check out one of his many charities here.

Obviously, to get these stars would require money, but here’s the deal.  Both Supergroups make and release albums and they share in the profits of their albums.  Whichever group sells the most albums in a certain amount of time wins.  The winning supergroup will get a million dollars each to donate to their favorite charity, plus a % of the album sales can go to charity as well.  Also, the stars would receive an appearance payment commensurate with the profitability of the show. Eddie Van Halen on lead guitar/keys

The perennial #1 lead guitar vote getter in any guitar magazine for so many years, who had success with 2 bands (when you think about it).  Check out one of his charities.

Pete Townshend on rhythm guitar

A Supergroup member should be able to play their instrument with distinction, sing and write songs.  Pete has done this both with The Who and solo, plus, check out all his charities.

Why this would work:  Personally I haven’t watched any reality shows so far because I don’t care to see non-famous people eat worms (Fear Factor, Survivor) or date other desperate for fame people (dating shows, Bachelor).  But shows like “Behind the Scenes” on VH1 intrigue people and there’s no doubt that you put this many talented people with strong personalities in a studio together that there’s going to be interesting conversation and conflicts.  Plus we get to hear virtuoso musicians and genius songwriters craft their work and create songs that may be instant classics. Billie Joe Armstrong on rhythm guitar

He sings, writes, and plays with his band Green Day - a must for the USA Supergroup.   Help him support American Red Cross Tsunami Relief

Phil Collins on drums

A supergroup member that once again can play, sing and write both solo and with his band Genesis.  Check out his charities.

Will we be able to get everyone?  No, but this concept will work with younger musicians also.   The reason I want USA vs. UK is the fervor over the Ryder Cup is intense in Golf – even more so than the Olympics.  Americans love the old UK bands like Beatles, Stones, Who, Clapton – so they would just as likely purchase the UK Supergroup album as they would the USA Supergroup album.  Remember – the winner is decided by how many albums are bought – not by inaccurate voting on the Internet – or by judges with questionable opinions (American Idol).  To host the show, I would like to get someone like Sheryl Crow to host the USA half hour segment and someone like Roger Daltrey to host the UK half hour segment. Dave Grohl on drums

He can sing, write and play guitar as well as drums (as he did in Nirvana).  Check out one of his charities.

Elton John on piano

A supergroup member that once again can play, sing and write.  Check out his charities.

In subsequent years, it doesn’t have to be USA vs. UK – instead it can be men vs. women.   Check out Lineup #3 where the Women Supergroup take on the Men.  It definitely has to be that Supergroup concept where you take musicians that have made it on their own – but when join together into a Supergroup – magic can happen – or disaster – either way we’re there to catch it on film. The final show could be a live concert where the band that sold the fewer amount of CD's has to open for the band that sold the most.  The winning band could be designated the "6 Million Dollar Band" Stevie Wonder on piano

Once again, a Supergroup player needs to be able to sing, write and play and of course Stevie does it all. Check out one of his charities.

Steve Winwood on keyboards

Another characteristic of a Supergroup member is someone who has had success with more than one band and solo, and that is certainly Steve Winwood.  One of his charities is www.vh1.com/insidevh1/savethemus/

The best thing about this TV show is that after you watch – you won’t feel like you wasted your time.  I can’t tell you how many people have said they watched a reality show and afterwards felt like it was the biggest waste of time.  With this show, if the musicians are in the same studio for 2 weeks and cameras roll continuously, I estimate that each day could be edited into one weekly episode.  I think an hour show – the first half hour for England studio footage and the second half hour for USA studio footage. Fans will like the music, the personalities, the conflicts, the competition and the fact that it’s benefiting charities. Flea on bass guitar

As the bass player for The Red Hot Chili Peppers, Flea is a perennial #1 vote getter for bass on any guitar magazine survey. Check out one of his charities.

This TV show is an idea of mine, Garrett Jennings, that I've registered with The Writers Guild of America.  At this point, I'm just interested in the charity aspect of this and this website is not-for-profit.  I wanted to introduce you to the great charities that all these artists support.  Now, if there's anyone out there that would like to produce a show like this or has any contact with any of these artists, please contact me at garrettjennings55@yahoo.com or you contact me through Twitter at @GarJennings to discuss producing this TV show.  I'd like to talk to anyone interested in buying this idea from me or co-producing this idea with me.

© Copyright 2004 Garrett Jennings

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Supergroup UK vs. USA

Which of the 2 bands above would make a better Supergroup album - UK (McCartney, Clapton, Townshend, Collins, Winwood, Elton) or USA (Springsteen, Van Halen, Armstrong, Grohl, Flea, Stevie)



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